Senayit was featured in the June 2014 issue of Cider Magazine, Vermont and New Hampshire's entertainment authority.

"Opening their set with 'Soldier'


early Saturday band Senayit held their own when it came to showing their strengths as musicians and independent artists. Senayit Tomlinson accompanied by her musical partner, Pam McCann, along with Micah Carbonneau who played bass for the duo, put on a charismatic performance, that showcased each member in a multitude of ways. Their set list was wonderfully organized, building the energy in the crowd, and Senayit then fed off of that energy and put on a great performance. “We really try to help support the other performers,” said Tomlinson who stuck around for the rest of the afternoon at the festival. “We love to cheer in the crowd and take pictures of the others on the stage.”

-Cider Magazine


"Thursday Evening, March 20th brings the Spring Equinox,

that astronomical, celestial, resounding crack above our tilted planet when the Sun explodes back across the Earth’s celestial equator, from South to North. In this brief moment of cosmic balance, sun and night are shared equally by the two hemispheres of Earth. On the morning of the 20th, the sun rises perfectly due east and it will set true west. It’s a global, physical, visceral and prescient moment that signals coming change.

And… at almost exactly the moment that the sun crosses the equator, Senayit (Pronounced Sunnight) will be crossing the threshold of Brown’s Market Bistro bringing a musical perspective that is at once global, physical, visceral and prescient . Senayit Tomlinson, Pam McCann and Micah Carbonneau are Senayit. I think you’ll agree that Senayit is the perfect musical host to welcome in a new season. This is Senayit’s first visit to The Bistro and we are looking forward to it.”

-Brown Market Bistro

"Senayit Tomlinson, leader of New England trio Senayit,

begins her seventh record with feisty intensity. Opener “I Want You” finds her treading the well-worn folk-rock path of female rockers like Melissa Etheridge, but as the album progresses, songs begin to reveal Tomlinson’s true soulful spirit. The range in which her voice is finest has little to do with its technical scope and more to do with such intangible qualities as being poignant, unguarded and intimate. Senayit excels on quiet, plaintive ballads and with the backing of Michael Ramirez (bass) and Isaac Luxon (drums and percussion), Of Body also delivers on its groovier tracks. Tomlinson cites her Ethiopian heritage and studies of gamelan music from Indonesia as sources of inspiration, and though some tracks hint at such international flavour, Senayit only flirts with eclectic experimentation, choosing to play it safe instead.”

-Nereida Fernandes,

"As the central figure behind the indie rock trio that bears her name,

Senayit Tomlinson’s fingerprints are all over the rock-solid “Of Body.” There’s a raw aspect to the self-released platter that works well with Tomlinson’s blues-tinged vocals and the rough-around-the edges stick work of percussionist Isaac Luxon.”

-JS, Folk and Country Reviews

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